Friday, July 29, 2011

The countdown is on! 10 days to go...

Things have reached fever pitch over the last couple of weeks as I come closer and closer to relaunching the little label that, like so many other businesses got hit hard on 22 Feb.  I'm literally bouncing off my chair with excitement.  I wanted to share with you a little of what it takes to put even a small range together without an army of staff.  
Pieces ready for photo shoot
Basically I do all of it from concept to creation, but I do outsource my grading (where the size range is produced from the sample pattern) and I've been working with graphic designer Mel Blowes of Board of Design, to bring about my vision.  

I've had a few people, especially young people interested in training for the fashion industry ask me "How do you do it"?  Well coffee and loads of family support really helps, as did the 3 years at Uni; but you really need drive and tenacity for this game.  Much of my skill has been refined over the 13 years post-Uni   

Anyho here are some snippets from yesterday and today.  I plan to bring you more 'behind the scenes' - but tell me what would you like to see?
Final toile of a jacket that went on the courier to my grader today.
 A new sample has been cut in the final fabric (this is just mock up fabric)

Tea dying binding (to create my own sew in labels)
Tinkering with details
Cutting, cutting and more cutting
Dressmaking tip!!  - I used a stanley knife to sharpen the edge of my tailor's chalk to give a nice fine line



  2. So very excited for you - well done you! Can't wait to see the whole collection!

  3. I love the skirt! I love the site and I can't wait to see the range!!!!!! sigh I suppose I better start saving my pocket money, I can feel some new clothes coming on, lol.

  4. Good luck Nin with your new adventure!


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