Thursday, August 4, 2011

Seriously fun

Well, this week has taken a serious turn for the worst.  Suppliers late with deliveries, the blouse that just won't resolve itself into a nice piece no matter how many times I toile it, rain scheduled for the day of my outdoor photo shoot after a week of seriously good weather and the worst blow - the retail shop I was planning to stock in Christchurch can't open because of earthquake damage.  On the upside the online shop is a go for launch next Monday.

I had a catchup with my models for a fit session and my homemade pumpkin soup today.  Its impossible to stress with my fun loving and dare I say is 'goof ball' models Miriam, Mel and Lucy hamming it up for the camera.

Yes I realise I'm no photographer - these are reference shoots so I can work out the styling and accessories.  Not sure how I'm styling that last shot though.....thanks girls for your time, your smiles and generally making me happy and contented I get to pursue a vocation I love (well, most of the time).

Finger's crossed for dry weather on Saturday.


  1. Fingers crossed for Saturday and a great week next week! x

  2. wow that's a bunch of classy models you've got there!!!


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