Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blue sky, sun shiny day.
Smile on my face
Driving out to Sumner with a car full of new stock.
Radio blaring Minuit loud

Photo via Christchurch Daily Photo

Then it hit me, this is so normal.  This is what I was doing last summer.  Could it be that I have got this little label back on track?  Sure - the shipping containers weren't there before, but danger is a part of life as is blue sky and smiles and playing your favourite Minuit track at a volume just below that which would kill the speakers.

Happy day to you


  1. Have relatives in Redcliff and those containers certainly weren't there when I last visited either (pre earthquake, obviously). Poor old Christchurch. Glad to hear there's lots more smiling going on in your part of the world again.

  2. Love this post Nin!! Glad you're having an awesome day. Say hi to Sumner for me x
    (ps I'm totally picturing you in a convertable driving down the road!)


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