Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Last week I went back to work.  I'm still to find the right sewer to help me out, so for now its me behind the sewing machine.  Here are some pieces awaiting loading in the online shop
Belts and 

Soft muslin skirts in a gorgeous coral/pink.  This colour reminds me of a good sunset.

I've used some of my precious stash of vintage liberty to bind the inside. 

Lorelei from Milou* spied this piece and fell in love so I dropped a few to her shop before Christmas.

I'll list one or two in my online shop - but stocks will definitely be limited, as my stash of leather and suede is modest!**

Thank you for you interest, your comments and your purchases over the last six months.  Last year was all about adapting to change and persevering.

This year is all about growth I think.  I'm excited to share the journey of this little label with you as I grow.

*my new retailer in Sumner

** as always if you want dibs on anything, just email me nin AT sailorspy DOT come.


  1. Hi Nin
    Will these coral skirts and belts be in your pop-up shop? ;)
    The coral skirt looks gorgeous,light and flowing.

  2. Sure will - if not the online shop first. They are sitting on a rack waiting to be photographed! You're welcome to email me nin AT sailorspy DoT coM if you want to try on


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