Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome to the New Year WW

Hi and Happy New Year to you.

Toward the end of 2010 I mentioned I wanted to resurrecting Clare's weekly wardrobe share ...confused? see here or here

The idea of using fashion as a means of personal expression; exploring and developing a signature style that reflects who we really are, for fun and play and being joyful in our everyday lives is so important to me. I guess it has been a part of my creative journey for as long as I can remember.

Its so important its a touchstone value within my label, and I want to share this with you this weekly space.  Every Wednesday, I'll show you how I dress and invite that you do the same.  This weekly space is not about hard selling you my line, but I am a fashion designer and inevitably I wear a lot of my own design - just sayin'.

I understand some of you won't want to partake in that bit and that's A-OK.  The purpose of this space is simply to take a little time to celebrate what it is to be a women, to inspire each other, to explore fashion and style, to have a little fun and above all not to take ourselves too seriously dharrlings!  So I invite you to pop in on me of a Wednesday - take a look around, feel free to make a comment and support your fellow bloggers sharing their style with you.

I've got some great monthly interviews lined up with fellow fashionista's ('cos its always fun to have a little perve erm I mean 'look-e-lu' around someone else's closet), as well as the odd refashion/upcycle tutorial.

To make this all a little more fun and light hearted I've devised some themes to run for the whole month with a little prize at the end.  You can pick up on a theme or not - you're choice, but here are the first three months for starters:

January - Putting the New in your Year

What is your latest addition to your Wardrobe?  It could be a new hair colour, garment or accessory - bought, thrifted, made, begged, borrowed, catch my drift.  
Extra points if you can style the same piece every week this month with items from your existing wardrobe.  

Prize: 1 Bottle of Aroma Oil (leave in hair treatment for all hair types) donated by me will go to my most favourite entry (or set of entries) over the month.  

February - Love to love you  

As this month is Valentine's Day rock us your favourite piece, accessory or outfit (s) - don't forget to let us know why you love it so much. Extra points if you can work in a Valentine's reference somewhere.

Prize to be confirmed.  Guest Judge: Clare, founder of Wardrobe Wednesdays, crafter and author of Green Valley Crafts

March - Heavenly Homemade

Made a new dress, up-cycled a handbag, tried your hand at jewellry, cooked up a bottle of ketchup (kidding)?  Show off your talented self

Prize and guest judge to be confirmed


  1. Wonderful! Hopefully this will encourage me to make some of the gorgeous things I have cut out & sitting on my sewing table. They'll look a whole lot better in 3D :)

  2. Oh I'm so excited! Will have to now just convince hubby to photograph me or teach 3 year old son to use my camera... plus avoid sticky marmite fingers before said photo is taken! Jenny :)


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