Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The last brick building standing

I do love a good photo shoot, don't you?  I must say finding a nice brick wall in Christchurch these days is a challenge - for those of you wondering this is 'Blackheath' on Durham St.

I though you might enjoy a little behind the scenes...these latest images, taken on the weekend are to promote a one day only shopping event in Christchurch at the end of March featuring Sailor Spy, Rosie Miller Designs and newcomer Sly Fox Jewellery.


We all loved the idea of my bike making an appearance in the shoot...

...unfortunately Rosie is about a foot taller than the bike's owner (me)

Some Sly Fox goodness - will be available at the shop

Megan of Sly Fox
Our photographer for the day, David show us just how this modelling thing is done 
Last minute adjustments

Jacket - Rosie Miller
Tunic and Clutch - Sailor Spy
Earings, rings, necklaces (one wore as a fob chain) - Sly Fox

Model - Rosie Miller
Photographer - David Miller
Styling - Nin McKay
Hair & Makeup - Nin McKay/Megan Webber

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  1. Love the brick wall with the red door! Rosie and Megan look great and I love the jewellery. Lol at you standing on tip toe to adjust Rosie's items :).

  2. OK I'm loving your bike!
    Getting a bike (with a basket) is on my list of 40 before I'm 40 . . . what kind and where did you get this beauty?
    And LOVE the blue dress with the black tights and jacket . . . hadn't thought of that little number

  3. Looks so good! Haha I'm loving your bike!!


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