Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Handmade Wardrobe Wednesday

So sorry - this was set to automatically post, but I seem to have stuffed it up!  Anyway....
Merino top - Glassons
Skirt - Sailor Spy (handmade by me)
Brooch - handmade gift (secret santa) by A Lost Seamstress
Tights - Glassons
Shoes - thrifted

This week I got to interview and delve into Miriam's extensive wardrobe.  Miriam is the talented crafter, intentional parent and baker extaordinaire behind Make it Give it, Let it Shine.

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So, Miriam how do you spend your days? 

Mainly I play house. My most serious and responsible job is being a mama to my boys 3 and 5. Aside from that I dally about in the kitchen, avoid housework, iron under duress, bake things with way too many calories. I sew clothes, craft and the odd quilt. I also enjoy wielding a staple gun from time to time. 

Miriam's projects fill her gorgeous home.

What are your most favourite pieces in your wardrobe and why

At the moment it’s dresses. I’ve had a dress revelation – a dress always makes you look like you’ve made an effort but it requires no work to devise an outfit – win, win. 

Also jackets and coats – when my boys were really small I figured if I have lots of cool coats and jackets I can still manage to look stylish while wearing functional mama clothes (or at least hope to look stylish and cover the food stains when I leave the house). 

Jackets and Coats are some of Miriam's favourite pieces

What is your latest acquisition? 

In the holidays I added to my wardrobe with 3 op-shopped dresses, some second hand beads and a pair of made-in-NZ shoes from an op-shop ($2 thanks very much!)

Accessory wall - some of her latest acquisitions are op-shopped beads, dresses and shoes

If there were three words to describe your outlook on fashion and style they would be: 

Fun, Individual, Overdressed (probably but I’d rather think feminine!)

How do you achieve your look (do you buy/thrift/upcycle/make?)

Very little of my wardrobe is purchased new – a lot of it is hand me down (clothes swaps etc), A good portion is handmade and then the rest is thrifted and sometimes re-worked.

Miriam sews a lot of her own clothes from vintage and retro fabrics

Anything you’re wishing for/lusting after at the moment? 

Some cute ballet style flats, my others are worn right through the bottom – the problem is it’s way more fun to buy high heels! I also want a pair of red and white striped tights. Tops is also a bit of a gap in my wardrobe – ‘fun but easy to wear with jeans’ style.

On Miriam's wish list is ballet flats, but she quips "Its way more fun to buy high heels" 

What are some of your favourite designers/labels? 

For someone who loves dressing up as much as I do I’m pretty clueless when it comes to brands and designers. I don’t shop very often but I always watch Project Runway when it is on. I like a lot of what Trelise Cooper does in terms of the fabrics she picks and the way things are executed (not that I own anything of hers!) and the same for Annah Streton in terms of layering and lots of fabric. I also love the ModCloth website for drooling over pretty, pretty things.  

I’m a sucker for fabric…Of course Nin’s label Sailor Spy actually does feature in my wardrobe and gets a lot of wear too! I hate to wear ‘branded’ clothing where the label is on the outside. I feel way more proud of my cheap, free and handmade clothes than any others.


Who is your style icon? 

The 1950s housewife/woman - Feminine, Stylish, Sexy. I also feel very inspired by people who have a real sense of their own style and dress accordingly. I love the ballet fru-fru look but as I’m not 6ft tall and the shape of a blade of grass I can’t really carry it off. I also love women who know their body and work it into the way they dress – we can’t all wear tiny hot pants and I appreciate the people who choose not to even when they are in fashion.

Thanks Miriam - it was so nice of you to let me loose in your wardrobe!

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  1. i have so much respect that you are confident enough to wear coloured tights!
    i love your hair. a big hooray for long hair :))


  2. Love your combo - bright tights always add so much fun to an outfit. Hope it's not just you and me today!! :o)

  3. You look gorgeous in those photos!!! Well done you ~ getting more confident infront of the camera by the week! :)
    Looovely peek into Miriams wardrobe! I bet she's got lots of things I'd like to borrow!

  4. Talented, gorgeous, creative and so, so stylish!

  5. This is sooo pretty love everything, cannot believe all the handmade things! The vintage fabric love has got me drooling!




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