Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: If your happy and you know it

This month's theme is Heavenly Handmade.  Made by you or someone else handmade is a win/win in my book.  I love it that handmade objects are imbued with  time and love - the hand of the maker. 

Think jewellery, accessories, clothes, bags.....jam?  Feel free to interpret this theme however you like.

And what would be a theme, without a gorgeous prize?  This month I have interviewed stylish Mama and creative maven Miriam from Make It Give It Let It Shine.(Will post that next week)  

She has made this gorgeous Happy satchel bag featuring  vintage printed lining, bunting details and a happy applique.  Cute and practial, you will love owning this.

And now for our February will recall that my guest judge for this month was Clare from Green Valley Crafts?  Clare's favourite 'Love to Love you' post and the winner of her Hoop 'O Love is:

Miriam of Make It Give It
Clare said:
I'm a sucker for a beautiful dress, and this sure is a beauty!  I love the femininity, the colour, and Miriam looks fab and confident wearing it!  Also, she made it herself!  Bonus :)
A close runner up was A Lost Seamstress, her lovely outfits and her great bike were a close second this month!!

Love to Love your cute dresses and that bike!

Aherm   Truly this just goes to show that since its such a small and intimate group of ladies willing to share the inner workings of our wardrobes the chances of winning something are actually really quite high!

If you want to join in this week....

Add you link below and be sure to check out what everybody else is wearing.  You can grab this button to add to your post if you like.  Linky is open until next Tuesday.  Everyone who links up is automatically entered in this month's prize draw.


  1. Wohoo!! I won - I can't believe it. Stoked. :0)

  2. Yay ~ congats Miriam I do love that dress :)


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