Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WW inspired by....and a handmade winner

So first week of inspired by.  I hope I haven't made it too hard to join in.  You can of course thumb your nose at my silly theme and just post whatever you feel like.  That would be fine.

Go look at the prize this month - oooooo you know you want it, right?

Necklace: Crafted by me
Merino: Glassons
Skirt: Trelise Cooper
Tights: Glassons
Shoes: Thrifted

This week I was inspired by two sources to create this necklace.  

My cousin made me something very similar (but just one strand) some years ago and my daughter loved to chew it while she was teething.  Result: she actually gnawed right through the cotton jewellery thread.  Its been sitting with a bunch of other broken jewellery bits for well over a year, maybe even two now I come to think of it. 

Many years ago I had a tiny voluntary role (it was very exciting, nonetheless) in an exhibition called Male Order: Addressing Menswear which was part of Melbourne Fashion Week 1999.
I loved this piece by Melbourne artist Mark McDean and particularly the idea that the suit is overlaid with 'personal baggage' (please excuse terrible scan from exhibition catalogue)

And so 5 metres of jewellery thread and several broken necklaces, pendants and favourite earrings missing their other halves have been worked into this very very long chain.  It doesn't have a closure, but the weight of the beads and the fact that the 'mementos' tend to tangle and intermingle prettily means it all stays together pretty well.  I can reconfigure the strands to sit at any length - bonus!
If you want to make your own, I bought jewellery thread from spotlight - it comes in so many pretty colours.  Simply string on your beads and mementos, and tie knots are regular intervals (I didn't really measure it, just eyeballed it and did what felt right).

So who did guest judge Miriam pick to receive her handmade satchel?
Kristin from Hello Fallow
Miriam picked Kristin's post because:
I love the softness of the fabric and the way it is paired so nicely with the design. I think the colours are so lovely together and I loved seeing the accessories too. I adore this quote off the post:  I'm not really the type to save pretty dresses for special occasions! as well. I love that she, Rhiannon and Dee(was) all are choosing to be feminine and beautiful while preggy something I managed about a total of 3 times while pregnant!!

Miriam also wanted to 'specially mention
Juliet for entering WW with her 1st ever make for herself and creating something wearable first time round,
Jess from 'just ordinary us' for having the most entertaining approach to describing her wardrobe and style; and Rachelle who is the only person I know who hand knits socks.

If you want to join in this week.... 
Add you link below and be sure to check out what everybody else is wearing.  You can grab this button to add to your post if you like.  Linky is open until next Tuesday.  Everyone who links up is automatically entered in this month's prize draw.

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  1. I love this theme!! :D that necklace is stunning, I love peeice's that have meanings behind them.

  2. Wow that's me! Thanks Miriam and Nin!! :o)

  3. Congratulations Kristin! I've loved your bump style!
    Thanks for the special mention! :) That was a nice way to start my morning.
    Love your necklace Nin! Very much. Especially that so many of the pieces on it have a meaning to you.

  4. I love your necklace... but I really love your tights! I need to hotfoot it to glassons to get some of those fantastic colours! congrats Kristin!

  5. LOVE the necklace and ummm you INSPIRED me to purchase my first ever pair of COLOURED tights *eeeekkkkk* I've stepped outside the comfort zone of black

  6. i don't know if my link worked...some error message came up?
    anyway, i joined here

    love the theme! X


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