Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday - the B side

Hey hey peeps.  Its Remix week three.  If your new to this space and not too sure what I'm on about, I'm taking a cobalt blue tunic and challenging myself to wear it four ways - like here and here.  You can join in two and up for grabs are either Sailor Spy or music vouchers.

I am loving seeing all your remix outfits, so feel free to jump in at any time - theme or not.  My hands down favourite post from last week was Rachelle's - check out that side bun and the gorgeous handmade tunic - you are so clever!  

This week has had a couple of mild Autumy days and I'm definately taking advantage of that with this boho-ish skirt.  Its lightweight viscose, but the added advantage of wearing a tunic as a top is you have build in petticoat.

So funny story with the belt.  It used to be my Dad's weight lifting belt and I saved it from the bin when he was having a chuck out a while ago.  I cut down the back, so its now one width all the way round.  I love the patina and history in this piece!

Tunic worn as a top Sailor Spy
Cardi - the Mustard one is from Glassons, the black is my old favourite merino from Max
Skirt - Op shop
Boots Op Shop
Belt - hand me down

I know this is quite a long post, but in May Music Month fashion (!!) a little light and fluffy to lift your day.

If you want to join in this week.... 
Add you link below and be sure to check out what everybody else is wearing.  You can grab this button to add to your post if you like.  Linky is open until next Tuesday.  Everyone who links up is automatically entered in this month's prize draw.

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  1. Love the mustard cardi and the boots - awesome score!

  2. I get HEAPS of wear from a long floral/paisley skirt I picked up years ago and have just started teaming it this year with ankle boots.
    Love this look.
    And I remember my Dad had a weightlifting belt too (we were kinda scared of it! haha)

  3. Lovely casual look. It certainly has cooled down, sent the boys in hats and mittens this morning.

  4. Funny story about the belt - I love it when clothes tell little tales! I have also done the tunic/ dress as a top thing today too :) You are looking fab as per normal x Jenny

  5. I love your colour combo, especially in the first pic. Cool story about the belt!

  6. The mustard cardi combo!! Perfection.

  7. Love the skirt and the belt - very cool. And points for using the word patina!

  8. i love that first pic, with the mustard cardi <3
    i'm thinking about making a mixi skirt. i love them but they tend to be too short for me and finish at an awkard ankle-ish length. one day... :)

  9. im not remixing but I am perving on your smoking hot outfit!

    xo em


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