Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Colour me winter

I guess I'm one of those people who needs colour on cold colourless days.  

Don't be fooled by the summer dress - there are warmer layers hiding underneath.  I took inspiration from the print for the coloured accessories, and while the cardi does sound a note of discord in terms of colour matching, I don't like to be too matchy-matchy.  How 'bout you - are you all about matching you handbag with your belt with your shoes, or do you prefer to wing it and go with what feels right to you?

Dress: Country Road
Cardi and Tights: Glassons
Hat: The Warehouse
Boots: Sucklings Shoes

If you want to join in this week....
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  1. I always think coloured tights can do great things for a grey day! You look great. Lovely to see you today!

  2. I totally agree, why keep colour for the summer! You look great :-)

  3. I think that matchy-matchy is so last century for everyday. Always throw in one colour that doesn't reference anything else. I learned that from Gok. Sometimes though, if I want to look put together in a really 50s way I match the belt, shoes, bag etc. Great outfit. So cute.

    1. Hehehe awesome - I feel totally vindicated with random cardi colour choice!

    2. I love colour, particularly in the winter. We need something to brighten our days. I'm afraid I'm a matchy girl and do like to match shoes and handbags. As a result my wee one is completely the opposite and throws together all sorts of things that work wonderfully!

  4. loving this look m'lady!

    xo em

    was excited to get your email!!


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