Thursday, August 30, 2012

Big Energy, Little Spaces

OK so the last couple of weeks have been crazy productive.  I find my process is a lot internal, then a lot of doing patterns and fiddling about with toiles - which I'm sure to others looks like nothing much at all and then BAM, it all comes together - and out pours a garment a day!

I recently read a thought provoking post about another makers work/life balance and that got me thinking you may be interested in a little tour.

As some of you, who have been with me from the beginning and/or follow my craft blog will know I lost my central Christchurch workspace in the quakes.  So no fancy exposed brick, wooden floor boards workroom for me *sigh*.  Brace yourself.....This my peeps is where the magic happens:

Yup that's the corner of our living room.  The corner under which there is a big sinkhole (thanks earthquakes) and the only corner left in our house that could possible take my equipment.

I cut out on the floor.  I guess most home sewers do this (I remember Mum doing this) but when you have 20 garments to cut a 2 metre long cutting table is super handy.  With no where to put it, I just try and break up the cutting work into smaller chunks to save my back.

This is my husbands contribution.  
He professes to know nothing about fashion, but project management is his gig.  The heading makes me smile daily.

And this is our dinning room table/sideboard, down the other end of our living room.  The linen cupboard and sideboard are stuffed with my umm stuff.

So now that I've been all real and shown you my bomb site, I feel the need to back track my defence I took these photos on the weekend, while Huz was out of town for work.  Its not usually this messy, but when he's away I don't cook, I don't clean - I make and that's kind of nice.  

I hope you enjoyed my little behind the scenes.  I wish it was a light and airy workroom painted white with wooden floorboards.  Working in this space is frustrating sometimes, but not impossible with a little reminds me of my favourite Opshop track 'Big Energy, Little Spaces'.

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  1. Wow so good to see your workspace! And what a crack up about the white board and your husband's project management skills! I know what you mean being messier when the husband is away - mine got back last night and I still have mountains of fabric I hadn't yet managed to put away! :)

  2. I just think its great you've managed to keep it all going despite the quakes, when so many haven't... Besides, that's not messy!

  3. It's exactly what I imagine! I have to haul out my machine from our wardrobe along with the bin with fabric and all the bits and pieces I need to the dining table that needs to generally always be cleared of all the girls stuff... and when I'm done I have to haul it all back... Cutting generally happens on the floor too unless it's quilting blocks and the ironing board and iron get dragged out of their closer regularly too! Them's the breaks! But look at you - you make it work and you are supremely talented!

  4. LOVING your creative space
    Keep on creating coz you do it so fantastically

  5. I love having a little peek into other's work spaces, thanks so much for sharing yours with us. You are an inspiration. x

  6. You do so well with what you've got Nin. I'm really looking forward to seeing your Project Runway finale - loving the snippets you've been showing us!

  7. Love the behind the scenes tour and the whiteboard is awesome!

  8. Wow you have all that creative stuff going on and your workspace is still neater than mine....congratulations!


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