Friday, August 10, 2012


Sometimes, (well quite often under the guise of The Wardrobe, my other pseudonym)  I like linking in with 'My Creative Space'.  I wasn't planning on it this week - I am in the zone with some designs for a show next month - but I digress.  Kirsty issued a challenge -
what is my best tip for staying creative?  Well I have two because... just because.  'K?

1. Invest in the process, not the outcome.  Nothing ever turned out the way I planned. Ever  But don't let this deter you.

Its still important for me to do the planning - make the funny little sketches, play with different materials, toile and toile and toile again....but creativity is a process of discovery not manufacture (that comes later)

In fact no one says it better than Andy:

2. If you just can't bring yourself to get started:  Turn off the computer, stop looking at what everyone else is doing - go outside.  Nature never fails to float my boat - or at the very least relax me and make me receptive to the creativity I (and you) carry around inside.

That is all.

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  1. Those sketchbooks are pretty neat too I reckon :-) Thanks for visiting Notchka.

  2. Yes the computer can be really unhelpful sometimes you're right!


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