Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hello Sunshine

Hoorah!  Sunshine.
Bare feet.
Patio door wide open.
Hello Spring - I missed you.

Credits: Sundress  Sailor Spy (I'm posting pictures of my new work on Facebook right now)
              Origami Bird Necklace - I picked it up at a local market.  Unfortunately I can't remember the makers name 
             (but if you recognise it, please let me know so I may credit you)

Yeah I do realise its slightly tight on me - this one will be for the shop I think and I'll make one slightly bigger around the waist and then it will be perfection!

And now an announcement

So this Wardrobe Wednesday lark......I design and craft clothes.  I want to share my story about how I do that through this blog, but also my philosophy about why I do that.  In a sense fashion design doesn't fit with my the 'manufactured in a third world country, new trend every 30 seconds, you must be a stick to look good in this' sense that is.

Hence the Wardrobe Wednesday - I'll show you mind if you show me yours - see I'm a real human with plenty of 'problem areas' and very little budget and time for new clothes but that doesn't stop me rocking something other than sweatpants'.

Soon though, it became apparent that coming up with a theme every month and a new and interesting person to interview has been a lot of work.  

It eats into the little bit of precious time I have as a full time Mama to do what I love - what I feel compelled to do.  Still, I wanted to do it because it is my firm belief that people in general (and mother's in particular) need to feel good in their own skin.

I was reflecting on this with my friend Miriam the other day and joy! she said she would love to take care of Wardrobe Wednesdays from now on.  So - from next week Wardrobe Wednesday's new home will be at Create Hope Inspire (great blog name, and rather appropriate,  non?)

I hope you all pop by and support her.  I imagine I will still post what I wear from time to time, and perhaps that will be easier when I don't feel under pressure to do it.  However my business needs me, my family needs me, and I need me.

OK, so thanks folks - its been really nice to me you all in this blogosphere.  And especially those of you who have been with me from the very start - you guys rock. xx

If you want to join in this week.... 
Add you link below and be sure to check out what everybody else is wearing.  You can grab this button to add to your post if you like.  Linky is open until next Tuesday.  


  1. I love watching from blogsphere what people are wearing and well both you and Miriam are both awesome fashionistas in your own right xxx
    YES for you taking time for YOU and your family xxx
    YES for Miriam taking over Wardrobe Wednesday

  2. I love seeing what you're wearing so I do hope you keep joining us at WW. Good on you though for prioritising what's important right now! Hurrah for Miriam keeping this cool group going! xx

  3. Love the new dress it looks great on - ahhh summer here we come!!

  4. That Sundress is gorgeous! And I echo everyone else's sentiments - good on you for prioritising right, yay for Miriam - and I hope we see you joining in sometimes too :) Take care, Jen x

  5. the dress is gorgeous!! and i am just going to piggyback off of everyone's comments - yay for miriam and good for you!! you are awesome and such a great mama!!

  6. I sit on the fence and look at what you young things are wearing and sometimes I comment but I do enjoy seeing all you lovely real people in your lovely real clothes :). Brings some shape and style back into fashion.
    Love that sundress and particularly like the fabric!
    I'll go sit on Miriam's fence in the future :).

  7. aw, you'll be missed :( ...but i understand.
    i've missed not popping in and linking up on Wednesdays since we've been away.
    all the very best for Sailor Spy in the future xo

  8. You've done a great job Nin! Even though I'm not a WW gal I still follow along occassionally and have loved seeing what others wear! Thanks for making that possible this year! x

  9. I appreciate your honesty! I love seeing how there are real women out there who are not afraid to not be "designers" or "high fashion." I appreciate everyone's honesty and self-confidence. Linking up on Wednesdays like this gives me the motivation and self-confidence I need! Thanks for the link up!

    Understated Classics

  10. Linking up with you for the first time today! Yay! Thanks for hosting!


  11. It is a gorgeous dress and I am in love with your new designs! Go you and Miriam :)

  12. Just catching up with some blog reading, so I'm a bit late reading this. You've done a great job running Wardrobe Wednesday, but good on you for prioritising and handing it on to another great home!
    P.S. Love Love Love the new dress!!! Really looking forward to your fashion show and seeing what else you've been up to.


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