Sunday, August 19, 2012

Here comes the feeling you thought you'd forgotten

23 days to go till the UC sustainability office Eco-runway show peeps  !!!!  I mentioned there would be a twist to this show and its this:  all the models will be riding down the runway on Archi bikes.  I got one of these bikes from my husband for Christmas and I love it!

When I found out that these gorgeous vintage style bikes would be central to the show it really got me thinking back to Christmas day and how I felt pedalling down the street for the first time in years.  In that moment I was transported back to my childhood.

There was the feeling I though I'd forgotten freedom that comes from riding everywhere and lots of other childhood fun:

stopping at the local swimming hole to cool off on the way home from school
sliding down the hill behind our house on cardboard boxes
climbing my favourite tree - a quiet spot to read books
the sprawling 1930's mansion we rented with its conservatory filled with Asian and Indonesian conical hats and turtle shells, a swimming pool filled with frogs and faded flocked wallpaper and floral sofas.

So my peices are eclectic - a grown up remembering the elegance of that old house, freedom and my childhood love of reading, bare feet, handstands and biking.

Here is a little sneak peak at one of the pieces I finished last week.  I'm loving working leather details, playing with pintucks and subtle (and some not so subtle on other garments) nods to the florals I remember in that childhood house.

Linen shift dress with back detail and leather trim.


  1. Wow Nin - stunning shift dress!

  2. Wow Nin! It sounds amazing. I really like the linen shift dress. I would without a doubt wear that. And wear it everywhere! You are one talented specimen!

  3. Wow Nin, your new dress is simply stunning- can't wait to see more of your collection!

  4. looks great! Good work you :o)

  5. Love the dress, GORGEOUS. xo

  6. Ohhh just saw the dress - it's gorgeous! Your craftsmanship is amazing


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