Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Flashback to the dawn of Modernism

'ello fwend

I'm inspired this month to explore our personal style by decade.  Actually it was on my mind to do this for some time and I was (still am) stuck for a pithy title for this kind of a theme and then I can across this online shop Ruche who have organised with shop by decade.  Genius!

I love love love the 1930's for design as well as for fashion.  So it will come as no surprise that I avidly watched Upstairs, Downstairs recently - such a visual feast!

This week's quite a simply look - and honestly this dress is so comfortable and yet I feel a little bit flash in a 30's kind of a way.  (The sleeves, the gathers across the back)

I added a little T-bar shoe and I thought about some bling, but it seemed too much, after all, I like wearing elements from a bygone era, but I don't want to look like I'm off to a costume party!  I went with my Sly Fox chevron earrings (I know I wear them a lot but I do love them).

I wore this to Crafty Business Monday night, at the aptly named The Monday Room.  It was such a good turn out this month - so much fun!

If you want to join in this week.... 
Add you link below and be sure to check out what everybody else is wearing.  You can grab this button to add to your post if you like.  Linky is open until next Tuesday.  Everyone who links up is automatically entered in this month's prize draw.

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  1. You look fab Nin - sometimes simple is better :)

  2. I LOVE this dress and wear mine a lot xxx

  3. Love those gathers across the back - you look very timeless and soft and feminine. You wear it well!

  4. Lovely dress - simple and stylish - and with a little added bling could also be "night on the town" apparel :D!

  5. Nin, this is a gorgeous dress. I really love it a lot. And, of course, you look delightful in it. I like your wee side bun too.

  6. Lovely and flattering dress. I guess I should haul out the camera, wearing my circle skirt today so it fits with my '50's love

  7. that is a fantastic dress, did you make it??? also love the earrings. Must find me some of those :)

  8. Love the vintage vibe of your look! Thanks for hostessing today!!! ~Sarah (first time linker)

  9. i REALLY love the classic look. i have always said i think i was born in the wrong decade!

  10. socks TOTALLYYYY count!! ;)

    i am LOVING your earings!! LOVING!!!

    xo em


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