Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bubble bubble

Hey you!

I've been super busy all week with orders, which is really great - thanks so much everyone for supporting my little home grown, made in New Zealand business and in the short term its all going into hire skips, so keep it comin!  

I am just about through this little glut - just an order for my Wellington stockist to go and I'll be on to making more stock to build up my online shops (everything is available made to measure at the moment, but stock sizes ready to ship will be added soon).

After that I have new designs bubbling away (fabric ordered and on its way whoop!!!) in me that must come out before Christmas!!
The lovely Alison - backstage at Cycle Runway.
Expect to see more of her soon :)
I also have found in my enormous stash some more vintage liberty-esque fabrics which would be super sweet made up in the Brightwater Blouse.  I particularly like this mint one - nom nom

....and there are about a zillion other things happening right now, but that's enough for one post right?

p.s. Have you been over to Miriam's to join in or perhaps just have a wee nosy at Wardrobe Wednesday? Man she is doing such a great job, I'm so glad I could pass it on to someone just as passionate about street fashion as I.


  1. You sound so excited! It's wonderful. I really love your Brightwater Blouses - so sweet! I like that top fabric in the last picture a lot. x

  2. ohhhhh I do love that vintage fabric you found hmmmmm I think it needs to be in my wardrobe

  3. you are so sweet - enthusiastic but no where near as knowledgeable my friend! Love your work!


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