Sunday, September 9, 2012

Round and round

I spent yesterday making accessories to bring my runway show together.  It's been such a pleasure reminiscing and marvelling at the cyclic nature (did you see what I did there? - too obtuse?  OK I'm not funny) of our lives.

For example - my inspiration for the summer range comes from happy memories of living in Nelson mid to late 80's.

During that time, I embarked on my first every enterprise.  Making and selling friendship bracelets at the local market every Saturday.  I was a total bookworm (still am, when I allow myself the time - which isn't all the time, ah the joys of being a self employed mother) and in order to feed my book habit my parents suggested I find ways to augment my pocket money.

And here I sit some 25 years later at it again.  I had forgotten how satisfying and calming a little knotting can be.  I used this tutorial to give myself a refresher on doing the backward knot, but once I had figured that out it was like a duck to water.  Happy days.

I do hope your enjoying some sunshiny weather where you are today.

Oh and most important - the lucky lady going to Cycle Runway on me is 
FeltmarkSeptember 6, 2012 9:39 AMI've shared this on FB too!


  1. These are awesome Nin - love your work and the history repeating xx

  2. Love the 'blinged' friendship bracelets - pretty fresh summer colours!

  3. Love the flashbacks and puns used here! All the very best for your runway show Nin, I'm sure you'll knock em dead - your designs all look amazing!

  4. Oooh! That's made my day, I'm really looking forward to seeing the designs after all the sneak peaks. Thank you

  5. Lovely friendship bracelets! I'll have to show DD13 as she and her friends plait them but the braiding looks much nicer, especially with the bling! Do you still ride a bicycle or don't you have the right plimsolls?


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