Friday, September 14, 2012

Welcome to Orange Tree Cottage

There are times in your life when opportunities land in your lap so big and so perfect you just have to grab them with both hands.  Yes its scary, and maybe it won't work out....but maybe it will.  Maybe it will be brilliant!

Part of me is thinking what have I gotten myself into and the other part is well - madly pinning away on pinterest and savouring the moment to dream big - really really big.

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  1. Oooohhh! Dream big! Pin like mad and enjoy the journey! xx

  2. EXCITING!! Make sure to check my friday posts for some of your creations on the catwalk!

  3. so excited for you - I can already imagine this place "loved up" and thriving.

  4. DREAM BIG love the pins too btw

  5. Just popped in via give it, make it shine, and love your blog! I have to admit that renovating is in the front of my mind as we will be spending a few months doing up a home we've just put an offer on. And yes, Pinterest is my best friend at the moment too. The best bit is the planning, and dreaming (and the end!)


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