Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In the middle

I realise I haven't given you an update in a while and its not that things haven't been progressing at the cottage, or the workroom for that matter, I just find myself in the middle of things and I find that quite hard to photograph in an interesting way.

Things are progressing with stock production.  I finally got the full size range of patterns for my Rabbit Island scallop short sorted.  I know lots of people are interested in these, so they are toward the top of the cutting list.

I even managed to rope my fit model, Miriam into an evening of cutting to help me get ahead!  I'm hoping to get some proper profesh pictures of some my Spring/Summer indent early next week.  Yes peeps - there is more than the current offering, and these new pieces perfect for Christmas BBQs and summer holidays at the beach will be in store late November.

And at the cottage - we'll I've been testing out paint pots....the highlight of a week of scraping paint and sweeping dirty and hacking away at the undergrowth outside.

(and before you ask, I haven't hit on the exact right accent colours, but I'm getting close!)


  1. Love the shorts! they are gorgeous!! yay for progress too!

  2. Looking good girl - love those shorts, love xxx

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous shorts. Everything about them. I'm so looking forward to seeing more of the Orange Tree Cottage too - excited for you! x

  4. The studio is going to look gorgeous - what a lovely place it will be to work in :) Loving the shorts too... shame I don't have the legs for them :(


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