Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

I couldn't resist a little Wardrobe Wednesday post today.

My brother Joel Brittenden kindly worked with me yesterday on rephotographing some of the Spring Summer collection (there are some more photos on my Facebook)

I always thing it looks better on a personal than a headless mannequin - what do you think.  Do you prefer the type of photos where there is a human in the item or is it better that there be a plain white background all the better for imagining yourself in the garment?

He captured these dreamy shots of me in the Dovedale dress.

Dee has a competition on to create one of her stunning art dolls with your outfit.  It closes today, so go check it out and vote for your favourite - you have until noon today!

Happy Wednesday to you.

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  1. Gorgeous! I love your summer collection! Can I request a picture of the "Richmond Linen Shift" on a real person sometime? I'm very tempted and would love to see what it looks like on someone :)

  2. gorgeous photos - I love photos on real people, mannequins don't have the soft curves of a real body and they don't give you the same sense of how it will actually look on a person. I agree they can be less distracting but I'm all okay with distraction!!

  3. Definitely on a real person! Love the summer collection too!

  4. You look stunning in this outfit my dear! Beautiful photos in a great setting are so much better than a boring mannequin.

  5. Love this dress, and yep, agree that seeing clothes on a real person is so much better than a headless piece of plastic.

  6. I really do love this dress, ever since I first saw it on FB.
    I like both people and mannequins - I suffer from a lack of imagination once I've seen something one way, so sometimes a mannequin is good because it means I can see the shape of something and if it's going to suit my body or not.

  7. Beautiful! And the dress too! Yes clthes really need bringing alive with people and setting for me to buy online, i find it very hard to work out where things sit too otherwise as im not a very spatially aware person!

  8. Much nicer seeing pretty dresses and clothes on real people!

  9. Thank you so much Miriam. I am following your blog now, and I do hope we become great blogger friends.
    Love your dress

  10. Hi, I love this dress, thanks for the invite to your awesome Wardrobe Wednesday's I love it... sorry I missed the last one, I'll definitly join up next time... I also LOVE the headband that you got from Heartfelt, Janelle is awesome... keep in touch.
    Mrs C


Oh thank you for your comment, its so nice to hear from you.....