Friday, November 16, 2012


I've been dividing my time between current home studio/nook and soon-to-be mega awesome spacious studio.

I drive through our town centre nearly every day

It's hard to wrap one's head around that as I navigate the CBD of New Zealand's third largest city I can see this much sky.  Pretty sky though huh?

The parks and trees Christchurch is famous for are still here, for which I am glad.....I navigate on landmarks rather than street names (someone told me once this is a 'girl thing'), much of what I orientate myself with isn't here, so thank goodness for the squares.

Also popping up here there and everywhere are Gap Fillers and Greening the Rubble projects...I wonder what these cubes are going to be?  And so to the inevitable carparking companies are still around touting for business - sheesh they are like the black plague huh?  The first signs of a regenerating city?

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  1. Oh that last pic is familiar. I worked at the Globe Cafe, on high st for about 4 years...
    And yes, it is a pretty sky.

  2. Ohhhhh it makes me so sad
    But I like to see photos of a rebuild - slow but sure

  3. Never been to christchurch, but yes there is a lot of skyline for a large city....its quite striking.....and yeah they are the black plaque those carparks....and they have taken over the hospitals too, though those parking rates are it to encourage shoppers?

  4. Blue sky - promise of fresh and new starts daily xx


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