Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Then & Now

Huzzah - so I am open!!

Please forgive the self satisfied back patting on my part - but this is what I started with and this is where I have got it to:

As I look through the photos though I had a total head-slap moment.  I took these at the end of the day, Saturday.  I may have been a bit tired. ( I maaaay have stayed up till 3am Saturday morning scrapping the paint off the floor in the main room. ) 

The result was I took lovely pictures of gorgeous Jo's work (aka Random Little Things) and Sly Fox and you would be forgiven for getting the impression there was little or no actual fashion within the walls.  There is in fact two whole racks of gorgeousness just beckoning for a try and and a rather commodious changing room if I don't say so myself!

So I'm making it my mission this week to take some more and better photos to reflect the size and extent of the space and its offering!

Oh and I must thank Naomi Ferguson for coming along on Saturday, what a treat she was - seriously the voice of an angel!


  1. Looks awesome! Good job you :D

  2. YAY NIN! Congratultions on opening!! I hope you feel truly relaxed and accomplished this week knowing its all official! :) Yippeeee!


  3. it looks absolutely gorgeous Nin x

  4. Yay for you!!!! Cant wait to see more photo's! Well done and congratulations! x

  5. It looks like such a fabulous space Nin! You must be truly happy to be able to call it your own!!

    :) Hazel

  6. congratulations! the place looks just beautiful, i can't wait to come and have a poke around x

  7. Well done, Nin. You've worked wonders on the space. I hope that you'll be very happy, successful and creative there!

  8. It was totally my pleasure! And the fashion was gorgeous and you should be patting yourself on the back! Go you! (Three exclamation points totally warranted.)


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