Thursday, March 21, 2013

A side project

Those of you who sign up for my newsletter will know that I was invited to show a piece at a Fabulous Retro Fashion Show in Palmerston North on 30th March.

I love incorporating some of the cuts and ladylike style into my work - in particular I love the techniques and finishes common on garments from this period and earlier, but this project called for a very special and very 50's piece.

I selected this floribuna print, as for me it epitomizes the spirit of the 50's - exuberance, optimism and a celebration of hard-won freedom.

If your in the Palmy area why not make a day of it and go to the races - tickets can be bought here and include a double decker ride from the city - fun!  (If you do go, let me know and maybe send me pictures?)

And if you're wondering - I'm happy to sell this dress once its returned, its a generous size 10.

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  1. I absolutely HEART this dress
    Pity it isn't my size
    But .. .. .. I'd love one for next summer

    1. Come see me when you're in town for the blogger conference - I'll show you what fabrics I have on order for next summer :)

  2. It's beautiful - I love the fabric choice :o)

  3. Absolutely beautiful the print and I agree I'm really enjoying the garment finishings of this era :)


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