Monday, March 11, 2013


There has been a little chill in the air lately, the leaves are turning and there are new prints, new colours and new styles in the offing.

Friends I have cut so many dresses in the past week I have given myself wrist strain!  Not the end of the world, but enough to be an annoyance.  I guess this means there will be some sewing on the menu - its easier on the wrist than cutting!
Brief Encounter Dress in Jewel
Last week I managed a big batch of Brief Encounter dresses, and this week I'm working on the Kisses skirt and a few Satin Trimmed Henley's.

Kisses skirt and Satin Trimmed Henley tee
Then after that its a matter of working through all the styles, but as always I'm happy to take preorders - so let me know if anything takes your eye and I'll make it up for you straight away.

I'm dreaming of the day a shop will 'back me' and actually order and pay for my work on an invoice (rather than commission) when that day comes I have Christchurch based factory waiting to help me with the production.  Wouldn't it be nice to give you a completed range ready to buy straight away?  Until then, ever item is lovely made by my hands, so I appreciate your patience and support while I make that happen. 

Rainy Friday Night dress and Faux Fur Tippet
From The Shadows blouse and Sherbourne pencil skirt
For more of the styles, please visit my Facebook page and take a look at the "Trancend AW13" photo album.

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  1. it's all looking gorgeous xxx hope the wrist heals up quickly x

  2. Loving Kisses skirt and Satin Trimmed Henley tee def think these will need to find their way into my wardrobe eventually

  3. Love the style of the Brief Encounter dress but I'm currently engulfed by middle age(50 IS half of 100!) spread and have more of a "wasteline" than a waistline :(. Working on removing this and hoping the medical problems disappear with it :). I really want to wear dresses that I used to look nice in.
    p.s. tell your model she is a lovely accessory to the clothes!


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