Friday, September 13, 2013


Hey folks.  Have you visited C1 on the corner of Tuam and High Street - you can miss it, its one of the last fully functioning 'old' buildings for miles.

They have a secret corridor to the toilets hidden behind a bookcase which slides open as you approach and an old sewing machine which dispenses water.

 Those in themselves are reason enough to visit, but if you're going to pop in check out the staff aprons!

Some time ago I was contacted about making aprons for the crew.  I'll admit my first though was ughh, but when I met with Sam he explained that he wasn't interested in sameness or factory formed - he wanted them to look hand crafted and unique.  His idea was to provide his staff  the opportunity to express their personalities.  And so this side project was born.

I've been drip feeding them aprons for a couple of months now and each apron has its own flavour.  Some are based on a 1950's style 'pinny', and some are a more traditional 'cafe style' affairs.

With my other custom orders (I'll save those for a later post) I haven't had much time for anything else but I have started on some reconfiguration of my favourite styles for the new season.  The first of which hit the shop just yesterday.

Easy :: cotton :: summery - can't wait for those long golden summer days!


  1. Go you! those aprons look fantastic and that shift is gorgeous!

  2. These aprons are such fun. I have coffee there regularly - will have a closer look. Clever lady


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