Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Creative Power of Colloboration

I work in a little studio by myself most of the time.

I'm an introvert - I like keeping my own company.  But in terms of creativity I can get stuck with my own ideas.  I miss my old studio in the middle of town with the graphic designers in the room next door.  Having other creatives around that you respect and admire to ask for critique really sharpens your game.

So I've been missing that this year.  What to do?  One of my creative blog-land heroes created a project to work in collaboration recently.  It struck me that this was what was missing.  I wondered - would she collaborate with me on a few pieces for Spring/Summer?

She works with fabric.  She has a great eye for pattern, colour and proportion.  She sews for herself, so I know she has some skill around construction (which is vital when you are trying to design something that works).

I thought about it for too long, I nearly psyched myself out.  She is busy.  She has five kids and she homeschools.  She also has a thriving small business......in the end I figured "If you don't ask, you don't get" (this is my Grandpa's wisdom - he was always telling me that) and you know what?

She said yes!  So I am really stoked to introduce you to (if you haven't guessed already) to Dee of dee*construction

We've been emailing back and forth for a couple of months now, and just last week I got some beautifully drawn designs in response to my fabric swatches and mood boards, like this one:

Here is a sneaky peak, but stay tuned folks.  I am sampling up one of the tops for her this week, so I'll show you how that looks when I've got it together.   Eeeeeee exciting!


  1. this looks gorgeous Nin, love that you asked and she said yes. I think your aesthetics will marry well tog. Also I thought Dee had 5 kids? x

  2. Ooh can't wait to see how this all comes together- very exciting!!!

  3. cant wait to see what you two create! Exciting!

  4. you are far too generous...I only have 5 kids (unless you're counting JR of course, heh)
    Thanks for asking me - it's been so enjoyable.

  5. How absolutely wonderful
    Love both of your styles

  6. I'm loving the look of these designs....so pretty :)) Good on you for asking and going for it!!


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