Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Right now

I'm having quite a lot of fun with custom orders at the moment.

Here's the latest top winging its way to a special friend and client today.  She bought the floral fabric from Liberty of London years ago, while travelling on her O.E.*.  I love that she has kept this special fabric for so long and that now I have been able to craft it into a garment that is both useful and loaded with meaning and special memories for her.

Designed to finish just on the hip and with loosely gathered 3/4 sleeves this is the perfect weekend top to wear with jeans or shorts.  I included the spotting yoke and sweet hand covered buttons to give a little visual break and added extra whimsy.

Anyway - I love the top's shape and style.  I have several 'short lengths' both vintage and modern sitting around the workshop that would translate well to this style, so that's one of the tasks I'll busy myself with this week.

After a couple of weeks of school holidays I'm very much looking forward to my more regular workshop sessions.  If you're on instagram keep an eye our for more updates on the Dee Collab (I'm Sailor Spy).  I've just be given a smart phone and I'm really enjoying this instant way of giving you snippets of what happens in that space.  I don't have a computer there, so until now I've had to take photos and share them from home at a later stage.


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous top and the length sounds super flattering :)

  2. I LOVE this so much :)
    Is the red one winging as well ?? ?? ??
    Thank you

  3. it looks great nin, very cat x


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