Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lost and Found

It really has been busy behind the scenes with several weeks now.  I have a whole line of tops sitting at the studio ready for photographs, but organising a photographer and model in the same time and space has been - well fraught!  It is most frustrating.

Meantime, I though I would remind you that I have regular studio open days on Wednesday and Friday afternoons - 1.30 - 4pm.  And these days Orange Tree Cottage is budging with pieces - it really it the place to go and snap up new offerings as they come off my sewing machine.

Also I'll be at the Lost and Found market to be held at CPIT on Madras Street (this is formerly the Craft Collective market, which has gained quite the reputation for its smart and diverse offering - and rightly so!)

This is going to be my last market for the year.  Rather than spread myself thin over all the Christmas markets about the place I have decided to focus on one and bring trunk loads of new stuff.  Its only 11 days away, and I have plenty in the planning that I want to bring to fruition for this, so its back to the machine for me.

I hope your Christmas planning is going well.  Have you started yet?  Are you {gulp} finished?  If you feel you might be in the market for a Christmas Day dress then pop into the studio - I've been dropping hints in Instagram for the last week or two.

To all my lovelies who aren't in Christchurch and can't visit - I'm so sorry!!  I'm working to get things photographed as smartly as I can.


  1. oh sounds wonderful - will try to get to the market for sure x

  2. Good luck with the market! Hope it goes well :)


Oh thank you for your comment, its so nice to hear from you.....