Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Quietly my November has been marked with the creation of a series (among other things) of shifts from vintage sheets.  I work in a mixture of the old and the new, but this style I felt really lends itself to large scale florals.

Anyway, these came with me to the Lost and Found market the other week.  It was interesting to me to gauge the reactions of market goers.  

It was either love at first sight or {in every instance from an aherm older person} confusion; a muttered "I used to have sheets a bit like this" followed by incredulous horror when I amble over and happily admit that I love to save vintage sheets - the really good ones - and create dresses from them.

I relish the idea that these pieces aren't for everyone, but they are nostalgic, provocative and individual.

They are in the shop, in limited quantities - but if you are in love with the idea and you can find the size and colour you want, feel free to contact me about a special one for you.  I received an astonishingly generous gift from a friend last week.

Enough vintage and modern/reproduction prints to keep a girl like me going a while.


  1. Those shifts are so happy and pretty :) and that pile... swoon!

  2. these are gorgeous. You are just the right person to be blessed with such a lovely pile x

  3. hehe I just made a dress out of a vintage floral sheet too :) I'll be wearing it to Craft Love if you are going!

  4. Hee hee, I can just imagine the old dears saying that!


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