Wednesday, March 19, 2014


So this....

is where I'll be this weekend.  

A regular visitor to the Pavilion, this time I get to participate in an event in this cool space before it shuts up shop for ever next month.  This is a special place and time in our towns history, its current metamorphosis

And whats more I get to sit along side and connect with some very awesome, talented makers.  This is what slow fashion is all about - local :: mindful :: unique.

Lets face it, I come to these things to connect with people.  I find it gives me an incredible creative boost.

So come say Hi and chat with me, I'll probably even give you a discount if you ask - I'm pretty good like that

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  1. oh lovely! Our names are on one of those pallets. Sad it will be closing up :o( have a great time at the market xxx


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