Thursday, March 20, 2014

In dreams

...I find myself in this place.

A high plateau on a windy day.  An old abandoned station with echoes of its past

We visited it last year and ever since my mind has wandered here.

Wide and rugged is the landscape.  The wind rolled down the valley shaking and whispering the poplars in the distance - you could hear its advance before you felt it on your face. 

As I drift off to sleep at night I imagine myself taking this beauty for a canter or what it would have been like to wake up in this landscape and forge a living from this land.

There was a gentle murmur of a river nearby, a ring of pines hug the remains of the homestead

All the textures spoke to me of hot dry summers and snow bound winters

of endurance and grit
of solitude and resourcefulness

I can't help but wonder how this place could be abandoned, how could anyone stand to leave it.

The peace.  The magnificence.

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  1. Wow stunning - you really get a sense of the strong solitude comfort and peace here through these pictures Nin - can see why your mind keeps going back.


Oh thank you for your comment, its so nice to hear from you.....