The Sailor Spy women has her own style - she isn't about fads or disposable fashion, she buys pieces that flatter her figure and suit her lifestyle and give more than a season of faithful service.   She looks for pieces that have unique or intriguing elements of design - expressing the fact that she is extraordinary.  

The label has a real focus on sustainable design through judicious use of resources.  

I've analysed every step of the design and production process to ensure I have the least environmental impact possible.   For example - my patternmaking paper scraps are recycled to the green bin, my fabric scraps are donated to my daughter's preschool.  This philosophy extends to my suppliers.  I chose a courier company who offset their carbon footprint and offer recyclable packaging as part of their environmental strategy

My vision is to deliver an original product at a reasonable cost, but still respect the environment, the maker by paying a fair wage (at the moment that's me!); and in the end - respect you, the person who chooses quality over quantity.  My work is made for you with heart and integrity, I stand proudly behind it. 

Sailor Spy aligns itself with the Slow Fashion movement.  The term 'slow fashion' was coined in 1997 by Kate Fletcher - a great article can be found here or visit Slow Fashioned

The Future

As I grow this label, I will employ others to assist me along the way.  It is my intention to look to my community, use local talent and respect them by providing a decent wage and a great place to work. 

I am currently researching organic fabrics printed with low impact dyes.

I am open to new  ideas and ways of doing things..... if you have any questions, comments or ideas for ways to be more socially and environmental conciousness email me nin AT sailorspy dot com and let me know.

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